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The Learning Pod

Tuition Centre

About Us

The Learning Pod covers Maths, English and Science tuition from KS1 to GCSE. Our private syllabus is designed to meet the national curriculum aims and targets, this helps students excel further in their studies and achieve. Our lessons are conducted in small group sessions of 4/5 students per tutor. We work closely with parents and in line with the New National Curriculum.

Students are grouped in terms of ability to make sure that each child gets the most out of each lesson. Sessions take place weekdays after school and on weekends. During the day we offer tailored subject specific workshops for home schooled students living in East Sussex.

We run FREE assessments and detailed feedback before enrolling as well as regular one to one consultation/feedback with parents. We have special classes for SATs, 11+ and GCSE students.

All our tutors work in schools and are DBS checked.

Online Tuition Now Available

The Learning Pod Tuition Centre is offering affordable online teacher led tuition to support your child’s learning at home to help your child get ahead while schools are shut.

We are also able to provide parents with advice on supporting their children with their homework.

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Home Schooling

Some students who are educated at home have opted to study at the Learning Pod because they felt they required professional teaching to prepare for GCSEs exams. Other parents have used our expertise to focus on certain subjects that they may not have had the relevant knowledge or resources to teach themselves.

We offer a forum for parents of homeschooled children to come together and share ideas and resources. Students can also book to attend any of our workshops or GCSE booster classes.

Contact us for advice and guidance on:

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The Learning Pod Courses


Maths Curriculum

Maths Tuition That Delivers Results

We provide learner focussed Maths tuition from as early as Year 1 all the way to Year 11 students. Our aim is to develop student's mathematical fluency, problem-solving and reasoning skills with an emphasis on independent thinking.

Students are prepared for all Key Stage and GCSE examinations with ongoing support, revision and feedback sessions. We also use past exam papers to prepare students for the type and structure of questions they can expect during tests.

  • Key stage 1

    Reception - Year 1

    • Numbers & Counting
    • Addition & Subtraction
    • Problem Solving
    • Shapes
  • Key stage 2

    Year 3-6

    • Addition & Subtraction
    • Multiplication & Division
    • Decimals & Fractions
    • Percentages
    • SATS exam practice
  • Key stage 3

    Year 7-9

    • Algebra
    • Geometry
    • Number
    • Data Handling
  • GCSE

    Year 10-11

    • Exam Practice
    • Higher & Foundation Topics
    • Further Algebra & Geometry
    • Number Handling
    • Data Handling
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English Curriculum

English Tuition That Delivers Results

Our English tuition classes cover basic to advanced literacy, phonics, spelling, punctuation and grammar, comprehension and creative writing tasks.

Students are prepared for exams with past test papers, spelling bees and tasks that require them to demonstrate their language skills. Tasks are given as homework and are revised in the following lessons and used to monitor and evaluate students’ progress.

  • Key stage 1

    Reception to Year 2

    • Phonics
    • Handwriting
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation & Grammar
    • Comprehension
  • Key stage 2

    Year 3-6

    • Comprehension
    • Spelling
    • Punctuation & Grammar
    • SATS Practice
    • Creative writing
  • Key stage 3

    Year 7-9

    • Reading- English literature, pre-1914 and contemporary, including prose, poetry and drama, Shakespeare (two plays) and Seminal world literature
    • Writing - Stories, scripts, poetry and other imaginative writing, scripts for talks and presentations, a range of other texts, including arguments, personal and formal letters
    • Grammar and vocabulary - Using linguistic and literary terminology to discuss reading, writing and spoken language they will also analyse and study the effectiveness of grammatical features of the texts they read
    • Spoken language - Pupils take part in formal debates and structured discussions. They improvise, rehearse and perform play scripts and poetry, and use role, intonation, tone, volume, mood, silence, stillness and action to add impact
  • GCSE

    Year 10-11

    Paper 1: Explorations in Creative Reading and Writing

    Reading - one literature fiction text
    Writing - descriptive or narrative writing


    Written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes, 80 marks in total and worth 50% of the GCSE


    Reading (40 marks) (25%) – one single text

    • 1 short form question (1 x 4 marks)
    • 2 longer form questions (2 x 8 marks)
    • 1 extended question (1 x 20 marks)

    Writing (40 marks) (25%)

    • 1 extended writing question (24 marks for content, 16 marks for technical accuracy)

    Paper 2: Writers' Viewpoints & Perspectives

    • Reading - one non-fiction text and one literary non-fiction text
    • Writing - writing to present a viewpoint


    Written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes, 80 marks in total and worth 50% of the GCSE


    Reading (40 marks) (25%) – two linked texts

    • 1 short form question (1 x 4 marks)
    • 2 longer form questions (1 x 8, 1 x 12 marks)
    • 1 extended question (1 x 16 marks)

    Writing (40 marks) (25%)

    • 1 extended writing question (24 marks for content, 16 marks for technical accuracy)
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Science Curriculum

Science Tuition That Delivers Results

Students address learning challenges through constant revision and classes that include demonstrations that go beyond theory. This makes the lessons fun yet challenging.

With science being equal part practice and equal part theory, our tutors encourage children to demonstrate their understanding of the natural world around them. Arranged into small groups, children are able to apply their inquisitive minds to this exciting subject.

  • Key stage 3

    Year 7-9

    • Plants, Human Body
    • Energy, Forces & Motion
    • Periodic Table
    • Chemical Equations
    • Exam Practice
  • GCSE

    Year 10-11

    • Genetics & Reproduction
    • Ecology Responses
    • Biological Responses
    • Waves and Astrophysics
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Atoms and Bonding
    • Exam Practice
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11+ Curriculum

11+ Tuition That Delivers Results

We run 11+ courses in our centres and recommend booking a place for your child a minimum of 12 months before the exam. Working with pen and paper, and using our best in-class learning materials with experienced tutors leading the way, we’ll ensure that your child goes into their exam feeling confident, energised and able to achieve their full potential. We also work in partnership with parents so that you can also support your child at home and consolidate their learning at home.

  • 11+ courses

    Our courses cover:

    • Reading Comprehension
    • Written Composition
    • Vocabulary
    • Punctuation, Grammar & Spelling
    • Mathematics
    • Non Verbal Reasoning
    • Verbal Reasoning

    11+ Kent Test Details

    If you wish to apply for a Grammar School in Kent, your child must sit the 11+ Kent test.

    There are three papers:

    • English and Maths combined multiple choice (60 minutes)
    • Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning combined multiple choice (60 minutes)
    • English Creative Writing task (40 minutes, used only as a decision maker where marks are borderline)

    The multiple choice tests are computer marked whilst the creative writing is hand marked. The scores are standardised, according to age, so that all children can be compared equally and the youngest are not at a disadvantage.

Click here for the Kent Council’s registration page

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Music Curriculum

Music Tuition That Delivers Results

Music can be a hobby for some and a career for others, but our aim is to ensure it stays a part of our students lives whatever their goals. Our teachers all have a wealth of experiences as professional musicians and it is their passion to share that with our students. Lessons are designed to be fun and engaging, but are of the highest standard:

  • All lessons are given by professional teachers, and are open to all ages and ability levels
  • Lessons can follow a structured syllabus or be tailored to the individual student’s needs or can be taught in a small group
  • Grade exams are available to take with ABRSM or Trinity
  • Our main focus is fun and enjoyment while progressing in a relaxed environment to nurture and encourage a passion for music
  • Instruments taught are guitar, ukulele, violin, clarinet and keyboard
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Dyslexia Support

Dyslexia Tuition That Delivers Results

Children learn and develop at their own pace, it is common for some children to find reading challenging at one point or another. Dyslexia is most associated with trouble learning to read and spell. Children with dyslexia have a hard time decoding words, reading and spelling. For many of these children learning to read is a difficult experience with confusion, anxiety and distress for both child and parent.

  • We can help children with dyslexia

    Whether your child has a formal diagnosis of dyslexia or they have not yet been seen by an Educational Psychologist we can help. Dyslexia is not a reflection of a child’s intelligence and a dyslexia diagnosis does not mean your child will never learn to read, there are multiple approaches that we can use to help them improve, which includes:

    • Multi-sensory Learning
    • Repetition and review of skills
    • Small group or individual instruction
    • Teaching decoding skills
    • Teaching comprehension strategies

    Our tutors are trained to deliver lessons that are tailored to the specific needs of your child. We assess children initially which allows us to identify their strengths and weaknesses in areas such as phonological awareness, reading, spelling and writing. The assessment results are used to devise a 6 week tailored multi sensory programme that specifically addresses your child's needs.

    If your child is struggling to read our advice is to get help as soon as possible. Reading really is the key to success in all subjects. Early intervention is vital to make sure they are comfortable in their studies going forward.

Work With Us

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Does working in a fun environment and making a difference in the lives of children sound like something you would love doing? Then it’s time to join The Learning Pod family of tutors.

The Learning Pod employees enjoy a great working environment with a supportive team, and pay that is commensurate with your qualifications and individual performance. This means you earn your true worth as a Learning Pod tutor.

We are looking for bubbly, enthusiastic and dedicated tutors who relish the opportunity to work in the education sector. So, if a passion for education and children describe you then we definitely want to hear from you!

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